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The Clevertouch Process

How it works

When it comes to working with a Clevertouch Virtual Assistant, you’re in safe hands!

Whether you require assistance to oversee a one-off, ad hoc project or find yourself in need of a longer-term solution, we follow the same three-step simple process.

Step one: We’ll talk through your requirements

A Clevertouch Virtual Assistant who fully understands your needs forms the foundation to a strong and healthy client relationship!

Whether you’re looking for assistance at work, at home (or both), we take the time to get to know about you and your unique requirements. We’ll get to grips with your primary objectives and your working style to ensure a seamless and successful partnership from the offset.

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Step two: We’ll match you with a Clevertouch Virtual Assistant that suits your needs perfectly

Once we understand exactly how you and your business functions, what you like (and don’t like!) and how you envision the partnership working, we carefully match you with a Virtual Assistant that has the relevant knowledge, attitude and ability to help you succeed.

Your Virtual Assistant will learn about you, your business and how you like to work to build a strong rapport and sense of trust. We’ll ensure that our Clevertouch Virtual Assistant is the perfect match for your organisational culture too.

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Step three: See the immediate benefits!

Once you’ve been matched with your Virtual Assistant and your contract has been finalised, we’ll get going! From here on, you gain direct access to a results-driven expert with the industry knowledge and skills required to succeed.

Rest assured, your Clevertouch Virtual Assistant is there to answer any questions you may have as you both begin your journey to a successful, strategic partnership.


Ready to get started?

We tailor our service plans and support to suit your individual requirements. Let’s start the conversation! Simply call 01743 644246 or send an email to [email protected] today to get started.