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The Clevertouch Process

How it works

Here’s how it works at Clevertouch – where things are as simple as ABC! Whether you need us for a quick fix or a long-term partnership, our three-step process makes everything a breeze.

First, it’s the Discovery Disco!

  • Dive into the Discovery Call – our chance to get to know the fantastic you!
  • Lasting around 30 minutes, we’ll ask all the key questions to understand your needs and goals. This sets the stage to pair you with the right Superhero for you.
  • We’ll determine if it’s one of our area-specific VA’s, Support workers, or a collaboration of the two! – experts in navigating the unique world of different neurological makeups.
  • Get ready to thrive, both personally and professionally! 🚀





Virtual Assistant | Clevertouch Solutions

Next, let’s set sail on the onboarding adventure! 🚢

Discovery Call Action:

  • We’ve Identified your perfect support during the Discovery Call.

Hero Search in Motion:

  • Swinging into action, we search for the right hero to support you.

Cuppa Connection:

  • Once confident in the match, it’s time for a cosy cuppa to introduce you to your colleague or team.

Meet Your Advocate:

  • During this meeting, you’ll meet your advocate, and together, craft a customized plan to remove hindrances and let you focus on what you love.

Extra Magic Touch:

  • Beyond task completion, we’re here to uncover your challenges and sketch a game plan for your triumph!

Guiding Star Check-Ins:

  • Your Clevertouch Success Manager is your guiding star, regularly checking in to ensure all your ducks are still aligning. 🌟🦆



Virtual Assistants | Clevertouch Solutions

Finally, you’ll see the immediate benefits!

Get ready to reap the immediate benefits!

Once you’ve met your Clevertouch Success Team and sealed the deal with your contract, we’re off! You’ll now have direct access to:

🌟 A dedicated strategic assistant working directly with you

🎯 A tailor-made plan that sweeps away tasks holding you back

🚀 Support for specific business areas

🧠 Neurodiversity support for ADHD mastery

We’ll be by your side every day, utilising our mentoring approach to ensure all your goals and big-picture thinking are not just captured but, more importantly, achieved. Let the success journey begin! 🚀💼


Ready to embark on the journey of unlocking your brilliance?

Lets Start the conversation! Call 020 3161 4609 or visit our Contact page to kickstart the adventure.


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