Clevertouch: As Featured in the Telegraph’s Business Owners Guide!

Did you see Clevertouch in the Telegraph Business Owners’ Guide?

In October we were proudly featured as one of the top 15 companies supporting neurodiverse professionals in the UK. For us as a business this is an incredible achievement. We’d like t…

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Are You in Need of a Digital Detox?

It isn’t a shock when we say that society has become very dependent on technology. Studies have shown that the average person will check their phone 200 times a day. With the constant updates and availability of smartphones, we find ourselves always onl…

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Task Delegation | Clevertouch Solutions

Task Delegation

If you are a project manager or leader, it can become overwhelming with the amount you may have to undertake. From planning task and projects, delegating, managing and making regular check-ins with members of your team – there’s a lot to consider. But…

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Benefits of Timeboxing | Clevertouch

Benefits of Timeboxing

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, and sometimes, even with a prepared to-do list, it can become difficult to stay on track.
There are plenty of methods and tools to support your time management, but one that we have found to …

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Clevertouch and Neurodiversity

Clevertouch & Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is an integral part of human diversity and is truly invaluable within the workplace. As we all strive to shift our attitudes toward neurodiverse individuals and professionals, it is crucial to create an inclusive and diverse workplace to en…

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Mastering your Mindset

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated in your everyday life is not unusual. But did you know that this could be caused by your mindset?

Defined as a ‘set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change’, f…

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Setting Goals | SMART Goals | Clevertouch

Setting Goals

Setting goals is important to help achieve your vision. Whether in your personal or work life, laying out goals to work toward will help guide your focus, keeping you motivated and providing you with a clear direction.

If you are struggling to set achi…

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Tips for Hybrid Working | Clevertouch

Tips for Hybrid Working

Hybrid working has become a norm in workplaces around the UK, with many employees now asking for more flexible workplaces when applying for roles. Even with many employers embracing the work from home model during lockdown, maintaining this structure long…

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Diary Management | Clevertouch

Diary Management

One of the most valuable elements in our lives is time, and organising our time is a huge task. A common way to manage time is with diary management. We are often having to work on multiple tasks at once or having to find time to do all those household ta…

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Diary and Calendar Management

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