Clevertouch & Neurodiversity

Clevertouch & Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is an integral part of human diversity and is truly invaluable within the workplace. As we all strive to shift our attitudes toward neurodiverse individuals and professionals, it is crucial to create an inclusive and diverse workplace to ensure there is support in place for those who need it.

1 in 7 people within the UK are classed as neurodiverse, with conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism among them. Neurodiverse individuals have skills, talents, and perspectives that can be very beneficial in multiple work environments. Some of these benefits can include:


Having a diverse workplace will open your company to a new and innovative perspective that you may not have seen before, which could benefit your company for future prospects.


It has been proven that those with dyslexia and autism have strong problem-solving capabilities paired with a creative thought process and approach. This gives a unique set of skills that are very beneficial to companies.

Opportunity to learn

By working within a diverse team, there is much more opportunity to learn as there will be a range of workplace skills which can be shared and transferred to other staff members. Taking inspiration from employees or colleagues is a great way to improve both personally and professionally.

If you as an employer are going to be hiring a neurodiverse professional, there are plenty of ways in which you can support them from the hiring process to their workflow:

Rethink your hiring practice

All companies have a process when hiring new employees and may have an idea of what will make a ‘good candidate’. This could include someone who is friendly and personable, holds eye contact, is a skilled communicator and is super confident.

These ideas place neurodiverse individuals at a disadvantage, as some candidates may find it difficult to display certain actions. For example, individuals with autism could struggle with open-ended questions and would prefer closed question which allow them to be specific in their answers.

There is no requirement that candidates must disclose their condition prior, during, or after an interview, so ensuring you have steps in place to make sure the hiring process can accommodate neurodiverse individuals can be incredibly helpful.

Accommodate the workplace

There are plenty of ways in which, as an employer, you can adjust your workspace to aid neurodiverse professionals. As an example, those with ADHD may struggle to be in longer meetings or stay focused for more than a couple of hours at a time. Flexible working hours or regular breaks can be beneficial if anyone in your company is finding focusing difficult – this is true for all workers, not just those who are neurodiverse.


It’s well-known that communication is a key aspect of any job role, so it is crucial that employers can aid neurodiverse professionals with their communication. Employees who have autism may be confused if messages aren’t conveyed in a simple way, so sarcasm or idioms might not translate very well. Establishing a concise and clear way of communication for both verbal and written tasks can be very beneficial.

It’s also important to make sure neurodiverse employees have a structured workday. Some individuals may not work well with disrupted plans, sudden changes to their workflow or work hours that aren’t adhered to. Employers should give plenty of notice is there are any changes in plans and avoid any assumptions if a neurodiverse employee makes a mistake.


Get in touch

At Clevertouch, we have the knowledge and in-depth working experience in neurodiversity, our Clevertouch Virtual Assistants are patient yet tenacious, and firm yet understanding. In short, we get it!

Do you have neurodiversity? Get in contact with us for any advice or assistance you may need.

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