Join the Clevertouch team!

Join the Clevertouch team!

Discover the new way of working

The widescale consequences of Covid-19 have meant workforces all across the globe have had to adapt to remote working. As a result, working professionals have benefited from little to no commuting time, more autonomy and greater flexibility. Such a movement to a new way of working has left some employees wondering how they can retain flexibility in their professional careers.

A Virtual Assistant is a great career option for those looking to exercise their skills and experience, without losing control of their time. Keep reading to discover the benefits of becoming a Virtual Assistant!

Why become a Virtual Assistant?

Ultimate flexibility and freedom

Are you looking for increased flexibility and time management in your professional life? 65% of Virtual Assistants say that flexible working is one of the most important benefits to them.

As a Clevertouch Virtual Assistant, you manage your time by choosing how many hours you’d like to work each month. The flexible nature of being a Clevertouch Virtual Assistant enables you to manage and maintain your individual priorities, whether that be part-time employment, spending time with family or participating in hobbies. You’re completely in control of your work/life balance.

Utilise your skills (and learn new ones)

A Clevertouch Virtual Assistant draws upon their professional skills and experience accrued from previous employment to help their clients succeed. Working remotely, you’ll communicate and collaborate with your clients and offer expert guidance where necessary. As Clevertouch clients come from an array of different industries, however, the learning never stops! You won’t be boxed into a narrow skillset as working with an array of clients will allow your commercial awareness to grow and develop.

Build great working relationships

With regular communication between you and your clients, you’ll build great working relationships with business-minded people. Getting to know the client, their business and their industry, you’ll share knowledge and build trust with one another.

Want to learn more?

The demand for Virtual Assistants is growing. We’re on the lookout for strategic thinkers to join Clevertouch as one of our Virtual Assistants. If you have a background as a personal assistant, executive assistant, secretary or admin assistant or you have your own Virtual Assistant business, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for individuals that meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years relevant experience
  • Ability to work during the working week (Monday – Friday)
  • Ability to work part-time
  • Ability to work from home
  • Access to your own computer and Office Software
  • You must be based in the UK.

If you are a resourceful, proactive and extremely organised individual interested in exploring a new opportunity at Clevertouch, please contact us.

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