Geoff Hambleton

As an owner of 4 businesses and farther of three young children I would be lost if it were not for Clevertouch and Georgie’s wonderful team; they manage my life impeccably. Clevertouch provides help in managing the jobs that become very onerous such as weekly shopping, budgeting across the household and help with education, especially since lockdown. The team is fabulous and have supported my family in ways I did not think possible; We send our list across to Georgie and stuff just gets done! It’s like writing a list in the note’s app of your phone – but not having to remember to actually do it! A PA in your pocket.
Clevertouch has helped to arrange our car servicing and MOT’s, insurance, online learning, and craft activities for our 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, CV writing for our goddaughter, changing of energy providers, filing of household bills, Clevertouch even arranged for a virtual Birthday party last month – The list goes on! The valuable time we have gained as a family to feel more on top of things is an extremely worthwhile investment to us. Clevertouch also supports all four of my businesses with allocated EA’s supporting each.