The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant over an employee

The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant over an employee

If you’re an overstretched business owner, a stressed manager, or a budding entrepreneur with little time on your hands, you may have considered hiring somebody to help you rebalance your priorities and maximise your productivity. In times gone by, recruiting a new member of staff to join your organisation was the only option available. In today’s modern world, however, the rise of Virtual Assistants has enabled busy professionals to experience a new way to work collaboratively.

Wondering what the other benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant over a new hire may be? Keep reading to discover more!

We can offer ultimate flexibility for you and your business

Without the long-term commitments associated with hiring an employee, a Virtual Assistant can help with the challenge of balancing profitability and headcount.

Because they work according to the number of projects and tasks set by you, the support of a Virtual Assistant can be scaled up or down to accommodate your needs. During busier periods, you can increase your support hours to ensure you have the time and resources you need to fulfil demands. Once things settle down again, your support hours can resume as normal! If you need to change your support plan, we simply ask that you let your Client Success Manager know at least 7 days before your next billing date.

We can reduce your overheads

Because a Virtual Assistant from Clevertouch works with you on a contractual basis, there isn’t the additional cost burden of hiring. Without the costs associated with recruitment to consider, including holiday and sickness leave, a Virtual Assistant is often a more lucrative alternative to hiring an employee.

Even better, the remote nature of a Virtual Assistant means you won’t have any additional overheads that you would typically need to cover for an employee, such as internet connection, laptop, work mobile or any other role-related expenses.

We can grow your business

With an extra pair of hands available to help you, a Virtual Assistant can help juggle your responsibilities and ensure your main focus remains on the tasks that are high priority. Don’t forget – every Virtual Assistant from Clevertouch is equipped with the industry expertise and knowledge needed to help suggest improvements and new ideas that can help drive your business success.

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