We now offer services in Bookkeeping! 

We now offer services in Bookkeeping! 

Lets’ face it, bookkeeping is a hassle! It’s often time-consuming to sort your bank statements, invoices, and receipts regularly – but it’s an essential part of running a business and keeping in control of your finances.  

When time is of the essence, it’s wise to outsource these types of tasks to somebody who can get the job done. In light of the tax and VAT implications of mistreating transactions, however, you must employ the resource of somebody who is equipped with the required specialist knowledge and industry experience – that’s where a Virtual Bookkeeper from Clevertouch comes in! 

Drawing upon many years of experience, we remove the hassle of sorting your financial paperwork and providing a clear picture of your current financial position. Most importantly, you take back control of your time!

A Virtual Bookkeeper can…

  • Prepare your VAT return for you (in good time!) 
  • Liaise directly with your accountant 
  • Provide reports and figures every month to help you make smart business decisions.

If you aren’t totally confident about processing your VAT return, don’t worry! A Clevertouch Virtual Bookkeeper can check your documents before it’s submitted to HMRC to ensure all of the information is correct. You never know, our help could find you are entitled to a VAT refund on some of your expenses! 

Using online accounting software, we’re able to review your finances, pending payments and credit updates in real-time by linking the account to your bank. For peace of mind, everything is backed up automatically can to prevent data loss and maximise security. 

Meet Sarah, our Virtual Bookkeeper

With over 20 years’ experience in finance and accounting, Sarah is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and holds ACMA status. Sarah is also a ‘Fellow’ Member of The International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB). The IAB is a membership organisation and awarding body providing qualifications in bookkeeping, payroll, and finance to members worldwide. Sarah has helped many clients across many industries keep on top of their finances. 

Get started

Let us record, store, and manage all financial transactions on behalf of your business to give you back some of your precious time! Contact us today to get started. 

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