Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

In celebration of Social Media Day, we discuss the benefits of having social media channels for your business – and the benefits of outsourcing this to a professional team (like us!)

Social media is now essential for businesses to reach new customers, retrieve insights and overall grow your brand. The number of channels that are available provide an endless amount of content and strategy ideas, and we understand that this can get overwhelming to manage yourself.

Taking control of your social communications in-house seems like the default option but outsourcing management of business channels has become more common for both bigger and smaller companies. Let’s look at some of the benefits of placing the responsibility into someone else’s hands.


Outsourcing your social media will give you the chance to access experienced marketing professionals who have the resources and expertise to accomplish your business goals. Given the importance of social media today, it shouldn’t be an afterthought or left to someone who may not be as experienced in managing this aspect of digital marketing. Social media is one of the key ways to stay ahead of your competitors, so it needs to be done well!


There are some great marketing tools out there to support your strategy but some of them may be out of reach for smaller companies due to budgets – or they may not have the specialised knowledge to run them.

Marketing tools can provide insights into the performance of your posts and channels as a whole. These can help you to find your top-performing content, your audience demographics, and where leads are coming from. An outsourced expert will be able to help review these insights, provide you with a detailed report and analysis and create a strategy going forward.


All in all, outsourcing frees up your time and takes away stressful tasks from your in-house teams. From community management and content writing, to scheduling of your posts, there is a lot that goes into social media management so having it off your plate will be time well saved.


If you are unsure about how to approach this aspect of digital marketing, at Clevertouch we have a dedicated social media management service that can help! Utilising our commercial awareness and marketing expertise, we’ll act as your social manager to help grow your business.

Get in contact today to find out more.

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