Balancing your Work and Personal Life

Balancing your Work and Personal Life

As the weather gets sunnier and the summertime approaches, it can be harder to balance your work life alongside your personal plans. Whether you have holidays booked, weekend gatherings with family and friends, you want to be sure your upcoming projects or meetings are in order. We’ve gathered some helpful tips into how to balance your work and personal life so you can enjoy your summer:

Be Realistic

To start with, there is no ‘perfect’ work/life balance, so there’s no need to strive for that flawless schedule that will fit each project. Some days might become more work focused whilst other days you may have more time available for personal hobbies or family events. Allowing yourself to be realistic and open to daily changes is a great tool to finding your own balance.


As well as working to prioritise your workday, it’s really important to look after yourself, whether that be physical or mental. Overworking or ignoring your own health will prevent it from getting better, which will have an ongoing effect in the future. This will also have a negative impact on how productive you are within your work time.

Putting in some time in the day to take breaks or going for walks in your lunch break is a great starting point. If you need more time, why not book a day off during the week to spend at home relaxing or have a change of scenery and see if you could work at home for a time? Looking after yourself should be your number one priority and shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about!


Technology has become a hub for working, meaning it can also easily be carried home with you. Taking time away from technology outside of work hours can help to destress and will give space for other things. Even if this is simply reading a book instead of checking your work emails, having time to unwind will help to balance your work life and help clear your mind of any unnecessary noise.

Make time for yourself

Whilst your job is important, your life shouldn’t revolve around it. Think of the hobbies and activities that you were doing before taking your current position, and work in some time to keep doing them! in addition, time with loved ones shouldn’t be neglected, so organising some dedicated time to spend with friends and family will break up the average work week.

Flexible Working

Recent research has found that employees who have been offered more flexibility in the workplace have a better work/life balance. Working from home or at a separate space to the office has become a more normalised practice, especially since the lockdown phases of COVID. This has led to a range of flexibilities in schedules as well, fitting them around personal and family needs. This is, of course, a great way to have a more balanced work and personal life, so it could be worth having a chat with your employer if you would like to experience a more flexible working life.

Overall, the way in which a work and personal life is balanced is unique to everyone. If you are struggling to work in some self-care or family time, explore these tips and see what works for you.

If you need any extra assistance or guidance with sorting out either your work or personal admin, contact us today to see how our services could help you develop the perfect work/life balance.


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